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How do I place an order?

To place an order, simply get in touch with us and we will assist you every step of the way. Our beds are manufactured in Spain and have a production time of approximately 8 weeks. We ship internationally.

How does the 2 month trial period work?

We offer our clients an optional blood test service, conducted independently by the Complutense University of Madrid.

This blood test identifies your current biological age and the state of your immunity biomarkers. After a period of a minimum of 2 months using Hogo System 07, a second blood test will determine the improvements in biological age and the immunity biomarkers. If your parameters have not improved we guarantee a money back policy, except for transport costs.

At the moment we only have this collaboration agreement with the Complutense University of Madrid.

However, the effects of Hogo on the organism can be verified in any part of the world through a comprehensive blood test in any reputed laboratory. Get in touch with us and we will guide you through this process.

You can view the conditions of our trial period here.

How does the system adapt to each person in a double bed?

Double beds have the advantage of having 2 bed frames and 2 mattresses that adapt individually to each person. We can manufacture our system with the standard measurements or you can request a custom made size.

Is the system connected to the electric grid?

No, Hogo System is connected to the earthing system in your home through a shock-proof plug that channels all electromagnetic radiation to the ground and discharges it from your body.

The earthing connection is in all common electric sockets but, if it is functioning correctly, there is no contact with the electric grid

How does Hogo System 07 protect me from the electric field and electromagnetic frequencies?

Electric fields are formed by the electrons in the environment, which are generated by the activity from the electric installations (alternating current) and the friction of materials losing electrons, such as plastics or synthetic fabrics (static electricity).

Hogo System 07 grounds these electrons through your home’s earthing system, which is a cable that connects the outlets in your house to a copper rod that is driven into the ground. It protects against electromagnetic radiation through a screen effect that is created by the use of graphite and silver. Graphite is a great insulator of electricity and silver is known for its conductive and bactericidal properties.

What is the ground or earthing connection?

By plugging the shock-proof plug in Hogo System 07 into your home socket, the electromagnetic radiation accumulated in the body during the day is channeled away allowing for a more restful sleep.

Make sure the grounding system in  your home is working correctly before installing the Hogo System.

Do I have to use special sheets and bedding for the system to work properly?

The system will work with any type of bedding, however we recommend using 100% organic natural fibres. Synthetic fibres (derived from petroleum) may heat up with body temperature and generate toxic emissions. Our sheets are also available for purchase together with our bed. Contact us for more information.

What’s the lifespan of the system?

Hogo System 07 is designed to last a lifetime.

Our natural fibres are chosen for their anti bacterial and anti humidity properties preventing the formation of dust mites. Additionally, our mattress covers can be removed so the mattress can be fully vacuumed and cleaned on the inside. This is a big differentiator from other mattresses in the market which need to be disposed of after a number of years because they cannot be fully sanitised.

Is Hogo System hypoallergenic?

Yes. It is specially recommended for people with allergies and multiple chemical sensitivity.

What are the health advantages of sleeping in Hogo System?
  • It improves oxygenation of the body and reduces cell oxidation.
  • It recovers the natural geo-electric field, reducing anxiety levels.
  • It increases melatonin production for cell regeneration.
  • It prevents you from sleeping in a moist environment, which reduces the risk of suffering arthritis or rheumatic disorders.
  • It helps to correct your posture.
  • It flushes out the electromagnetism accumulated in the body during the day.
  • It improves sleep quality and reduces sleep fragmentation.
  • It improves blood pressure and immune response.
  • It delays the natural ageing process.

Read about the Benefits and Scientific Research for more information.

Is Hogo recommended for children and during pregnancy?

Yes, it is highly recommended for proper growth and concentration. Sleeping and melatonin have a direct effect on growth hormones. Furthermore, it prevents from an early age the lifelong effects that EMF radiation can have on our bodies.

Can Hogo System help with restless leg syndrome?

Yes, this syndrome is directly linked to the central nervous system and it has been scientifically proven that Hogo balances the performance of your nervous system.

How does melatonin production affect our health?

Melatonin is a hormone which regulates our sleep cycle, a crucial process for the maintenance of both physical and psychological health. It can eliminate oxygen-reactive species, improve the immune system, and it has shown anti-ageing , anti-inflammatory and even anti-tumoral effects..

Furthermore, melatonin can also have a neuroprotective impact, improving the prevention of chronic illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes or obesity.

Therefore, having an adequate production of melatonin is essential to good health and healthy ageing.

Can I choose a type of pillow when buying my Hogo System?

We have four pillow options to choose from: S, M, L. and XL. They vary in thickness and firmness.

Size S: it is the thinnest pillow, the most similar to a down pillow.
Size M: same thickness as size S, but it is slightly more firm. As it is the most neutral one, it is our most popular pillow.
Size L: same thickness, but slightly more firm than size M and wider which means it covers more of the width of the bed.
Size XL: it is the thickest of all, and it is a similar effect to sleeping on two pillows.

Each client can choose their preferred combination for a better experience.

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