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Trial period.

Without prejudice to the rights granted consumers under Spanish law, the Hogo System 07 bed may be returned in the following circumstances:

  1. Before beginning to use the Hogo sleep system, the buyer has carried out a study of biological age, in collaboration with the Complutense University of Madrid, studying the immunity parameters that include measurement of: neutrophil function, the lymphocyte function and Natural Killer activity.
  2. Subsequently, after two (2) months using the Hogo System 07 bed, the buyer again carries out the biological age study specified above.
  3. Once the results are received, if there is no improvement in parameters between the first and second analyses specified above, in other words there has been no reduction in the expressly indicated biological age of the buyer, the buyer will be authorised to return the Hogo System 07 bed acquired.

In this case, the buyer must notify Hogo of his or her decision by email to the address info@hogo.es within a maximum of five (5) days of receiving the results of the analyses. The email must include a copy of the biological age analyses carried out. Once the notification has been received, Hogo will remove the Hogo sleep system from the buyer’s home. Upon receiving the bed, Hogo will reimburse the buyer the purchase price, from which will be deducted the installation and transport costs.

  1. This right to return the Hogo System 07 bed is subject to it being in perfect condition.



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Correo de atención al cliente: info@hogo.es

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