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System 08

The only sleep system that has been scientifically proven to enhance your overall health through total body regeneration.
That´s right,
Total body regeneration.
Guaranteed improvements.
Backed by science.
HOGO System 08 is unique for a reason.


Bed Frame

A good foundation is the first half of success. That's why our bed frame is made of 100% ecological beech wood and carefully designed to adapt to your lower back. There is no better bed frame, if there was, it would already be ours.



Free of chemical foams and petroleum-based products, the System 08 mattress is composed of coconut fiber and 100% natural latex covered with our patented silver and graphite mesh. Anti-radiation, anti-moisture, anti-awakening with less than 100% energy.



Made with 100% natural latex, merino wool and coated with our patented silver and graphite mesh. No wonder it puts the ‘top’ in topper.



Made of 100% natural latex and the graphite and silver mesh, it protects the skull and neck from external radiation, turning your best night's sleep from a distant dream into reality.



Woven with organic cotton and merino sheep´s wool from Australia and New Zealand, it has insulating and thermo-regulating properties that prevent temperature changes and sweating. This blanket doesn’t just cover you; it protects your sleep.

Waking up to a fast-paced life

You lead an ultra-connected, ultra-stimulated, ultra-stressed life. 

You need to ultra- sleep.

At the heart of HOGO is our patented silver and graphite mesh which creates a bubble of natural protection against electromagnetic pollution. Most importantly, it absorbs and eliminates radiation accumulated in the body through a grounding connection, freeing you from its negative effects to provide you with uninterrupted deep sleep.

Only optimal sleep makes for an optimized life. 

HOGO makes that possible. 


Natural engineering

Slow down the aging process.


HOGO is created entirely with 100% natural materials so that you can achieve total cell regeneration while you sleep. While you rest, HOGO gets to work, so you wake up feeling as good as new. Literally.


System 08 optimizes and perfects individual sleep, thus reducing cellular oxidation and boosting the immune system. If you have ever wished you could wake up feeling reborn every morning, consider your wish granted.


At HOGO, we prioritize excellence and the planet, giving us a seal of guarantee for quality and sustainability. We choose quality over mass production, making our products limited, exclusive and sustainably responsible.

Sleep Better. Live More.

All our materials are 100% organic, non-toxic and sustainable.

Our raw materials are free of synthetic products and chemically treated processes and carry the labels that certify their maximum quality and sustainability.

Handcrafted locally in Spain, all our natural materials are free of chemical treatments and synthetic products. These materials, sourced from our planet, are being treated with the respect they deserve. It is almost unbelievable, but HOGO makes that a reality.


Beech Wood

Coming from sustainable forests in Romania, our AA grade beech wood is 100% ecological and treated with natural oils and processes. Its flexibility and resistance allows for total adaptability to the shape, weight and size of each person, making it the perfect material to use for our bed frame.


Our graphite is found in the mesh that covers the mattress, the topper and the pillows. It absorbs radiation from the body while insulating us from any emissions. Its range of action doesn’t just stop above the sheets, but also forms a protective bubble to guard you form external factors.


Silver is one of the best conductors that nature has to offer and that is why we use it in our patented mesh. This powerful bacteriacide helps us eliminate radiation accumulated during the day by channeling it throught the grounding connection.


Cashmere is one of the most exclusive goat wools in the world, originating from the Kashmir goats in Tibet. It absorbs moisture, has insulating qualities and provides extra comfort and softness to our sleep system.

Organic Cotton

Sourced from organic plantations in Spain and Germany, our cotton has a chemical-free and pesticide-free guarantee. Our highly breathable cotton, used in all covers of our sleep system, helps regulate moisture while you sleep.

Merino Wool

This wool, found in our blanket and topper, comes from controlled, herbicide-free and pesticide-free Merino sheep flocks in Australia and New Zealand. It is the best wool in the world for its insulating and thermo-regulating properties and it is also suitable for people allergic to wool and dust mites.

100% Natural Latex

Our latex, is sourced from the trunk of the Hevea Brasiliensis tree found in the hydrographic region of the Amazon. Its density allows it to fully adapt to the body, preventing the appearance of dust mites, mold and bacteria. It is 100% natural and suitable for people allergic to latex.

Coconut Fiber

Coming all the way from the Amazon, our coconut fiber is completely free of chemicals and synthetic products. Known for its breathability and firmness, we use it in our mattresses for its ionizing, anti-radiation and anti-humidity properties.

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